Friday, December 13, 2013


I missed posting last Friday, as I was busy removing hexagons from my third border!  I discovered that I didn't have enough fabric to complete the 4th border, so I carefully unstitched the final row of hexagons, and added the swirled fabric to the final row.
I finally got back to stitching the 4th and final border, and I've completed 8 of the 17 units so far!  You can see that I'm reusing the row that I took from border number 3, and it saves time by 4 hexagons each unit.....
I'm getting anxious to complete this project, but I'll also be sad that it is done.  Then the next stage is to figure out how I'll quilt it!!!!


  1. You're a wonder, Susan. The thought of taking off a row stops me in my tracks.

  2. Now how did that happen? I wasn't signed in as them - Hmmm. Well, the above comment was from I, Angie. One of those blogger days.

  3. Wow, Susan this is going to be finished before you know it. Do you plan to hand quilt this one? I will be looking forward to see how you quilt this one.


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