Thursday, January 10, 2013


I had planned to start sewing right after breakfast, but DH had other plans!  We started by checking on the availibility of an item that DS2 wants us to bring north in the spring.  Then a stop at the local fruit and vegetable stand, then off to the grocery store to pick up the other items on our list.  By the time we returned home and put everything away, it was lunch time!

I had fun this afternoon, sewing the block units together for my Godson's quilt.   Then I laid them on the living-room rug to play with the arrangement.  DH helped hunt for blocks that needed to be turned so I wouldn't have two of the same coloured accent strip touching.  

Of course I forgot to take a picture of the block layout, but here is one of the stack of blocks ready to sew together!

I  plan to get an earlier start tomorrow, before my quilting room gets too hot to concentrate.  I have to cut the coloured strips for the first border, then see how I want the final border to look!  DH thought the quilt will be too large, but I want this quilt to grow with him, and since all his family is extremely tall, I figured that the quilt should be large enough to last until he moves away from home!

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  1. I love that pattern. We made a quilt for my grandson at 12 and now at 16 it does not cover all of him. So I would go for long, children grow fast!


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