Saturday, January 12, 2013


I spent the morning piecing the final border for the black and white quilt.  I had enough block quarter-sections to add 3/4 of a block on each corner.  Then I cut the extra pieces that were originally cut to make the blocks into 6 1/2 inch lengths and started sewing them together, adding some of the narrow coloured strips randomly.  I worked on all four sections, and when the strip became too long to handle, I  stopped sewing and  pressed the seams and measured the length.  Amazingly, when I measured the strip, it was the exact size for the top and bottom borders, so I continued to add more to the remaining two for the side borders!

 I managed to piece the fabric for the back as well, before my sewing room became too hot to work!  I'll have to press the backing in the morning, then hope to get this quilt as well as my version of Pick a Pinwheel basted.  

DH will be enjoying a full day of golf on Monday, so I hope to get a bit of machine quilting done!

Thanks to Judy for encouraging all the quilting this weekend!


  1. this is a really great quilt. What is the pattern that you used? Or did you design it yourself??


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