Sunday, January 8, 2012


Used this week 1.875 yards
Used year to date  11.875 yards
Purchased this week  0 yards
Purchased year to date  13.75 yards
Net used 2012  -1.875 yards

My sewing was hit and miss this week.  Seemed to have lots of small errands to do, which all took 10 times longer than planned.  DH is still struggling with his sprain - his ankle has improved, but seems to have hit a plateau - little swelling, lots of pretty colours from the bruise, but still painful.  Of course he hates being tied down, so doesn't rest it enough.
This week it seemed that every project I tried to start needed one or two items to even get started.  Finally I started my latest purse.  The patterns is from Studio Kat Designs and is called "Baggalista".  It is a smaller purse that has an adjustable strap so it can be worn "cross body" so your hands are free.  It has wonderful pockets to fill with all sorts of items too.  I purchased the zippers and hardware when I ordered the pattern.  I found this great fabric last week, and paired it with a light gold with tiny gold sparkles and a black on black swirl design for the main part of the purse.
The front pouch is zippered and has an interior pocket as well.  It is held together with magnet clasps and has another pocket underneath.  The back has a large zippered pocket as well, and two small zippered pouches on each side to hold a cell phone etc.  The inside also has two attached pockets on one side.
I did get some other fabric, but not for quilting.  I found some great fabric to make my outfit for DS2's wedding in the spring.  I picked up an interesting jacket pattern, and I had a pattern for a wardrobe - dress, slacks, top, so I bought enough fabric to make all the parts.  That way if my DS2's future MIL decided to wear a pant outfit, I'll be good either way.  They are having a small wedding with immediate family, so it won't be too formal.
I guess I'll have to put my quilting hat back on next week!  
Check out everyone's progress at Judy's blog......


  1. Your purse is very pretty. I guess I will have to go visit Studio Kat Designs and take a look for a new purse pattern.

  2. Great purse, it is lovely.

  3. Terrific job Susan! You should enter this beauty in our Handbag of the Month contest, because it is dropdead gorgeous! GREAT job!


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