Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I had great plans for yesterday, but it is COLD in sunny Florida!  Since my sewing room is unheated, DH opened all the blinds to let the sun warm the room.  I spent the morning making bread, doing laundry and then some needed file management.
By 1pm, the sun had warmed my room enough to work without gloves!  I had planned to make some samples of projects planned for my group, but I didn't have enough fabric to begin any one of them!  I have some ordered but it hasn't arrived yet, and I have some fabric that I have designated as kits for my own projects, but none to play with!!!  DH didn't believe me, and spent some time looking in all my normal hiding places, but I really have no fabric for samples!
I finally decided to cut out the parts for a purse, but discovered that I need fleece and interfacing in the first two or three steps, so I couldn't work on that project either.......
I printed some tips sheets to hand out to new quilters on Wednesday at my group, then continued to do more file management.  I just don't feel right without spending some time at my machine!

Today will be a better day!  My group is meeting at 11, and I'll be kept busy teaching, supervising, and solving problems.  DH is in charge of dinner, and maybe my fabric will arrive today!

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