Friday, January 27, 2012


I'm almost finished my outfits - thank heavens.  I always disliked sewing for myself - too hard to fit!  The Vogue pattern was interesting to make - strange, non-logical construction, but a great finish!
My dress is finished except for the hem - it will wait until after I find shoes - always a problem.  The top is completed, and the trousers will be finished this morning.
Wednesday quilting was fun.  We had a smaller group than normal, as there were two other outings in competition - one a luncheon, and the other a trip to the local casino!  I actually had some time to cut a few small pieces for my next project!  I was becoming crabby from the lack of quilting.
We were invited out for dinner Wednesday night and had a lovely grilled salmon fillet on a bed of salad and marinated noodles, with crepes for dessert - our friend is a great cook.
Thursday DH & I went to the Disney Studios for the day.  We arrived early, went on a few attractions, then headed home around 2:30.  Stopped at the local guitar place on the way home so DH could pick up stands for the 2 new guitars he won on Ebay recently, as well as some extra sets of strings.  Then we went to the neighbours' home to play cards.  When we were heading off to bed, I realized that I hadn't sewn a stitch all day, not even some of my cross stitch project!

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