Saturday, October 29, 2011


I hate this part of the packing - everything is in piles everywhere!  I've been choosing fabric from my stash to take south - have to keep working on those numbers!  I've been sorting through books, files and patterns, deciding which one's I'll need over the winter.  I take some basic reference books along for my group as well.

Then there are the specialty tools - I have duplicates of basic rulers, but there are many specialty tools that come in handy, and I let the group members use some as well - saves them money when they might only need it once.  Most of them buy their own if they need it more often.
I'm up to 4 cases of thread - you never know what colour/type you will need.  Then there are 4 storage containers with strips - love that stash user's system!

Add to that 2 sewing machines along with basting pins, my applique kit, markers, glues and oils, etc.  Thank heavens DH is understanding!  I'll be starting to pack the large Rubbermaid totes today, and that will make things look more organized!
I've been asked why I don't leave more items in Florida, but there is always the chance of a hurricane, and I know that if I left fabric there, I'd need it when I returned north.  Don't think that I'm the only one taking items back and forth - DH packs golf clubs, 2 guitars in cases, computer stuff, bags of books etc.  Thankfully we leave clothes, so we only pack a few of those!  One of these days we'll decide that moving every 6 months or so is no longer fun.  Then I'll have to find room for everything at our northern home, and brave the snow and ice!  For now, I'll enjoy riding my bike and swimming all winter, and DH enjoys playing golf every week!

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