Sunday, October 16, 2011


The only item completed this week was a microwave tortilla warmer for DS2.  He saw one at a booth at the Kitchener quilt show, and thought that he would like one.  He even picked out the fabric!

Used this week .5 yard
Used year to date 215.5 yards
Added this week 0 yards
Added year to date 55.5 yards
Net used 2011  160 yards

DH and I spent the week Christmas shopping.  We wrap and deliver all our gifts to family members before heading south.  Shipping costs, especially across the border, have sometimes been greater than the gift being shipped, so early shopping is the name of the game.  Last year, I made a wish list for our sons, and they had items shipped directly to DH if it was for me, and to me if it was for DH.  Many online vendors offer deals on shipping, so it worked well for everyone.

Check on everyone's stash progress at Judy's blog.

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  1. It takes some organizing but you are smart to get it done early. Good luck as you get prepared to head south.


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