Saturday, October 8, 2011


Pumpkin Pie
I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving today.  My pumpkin pie was baked this morning, and the turnip (rutabaga) was cooked to make the casserole with apple that my family expects every time we cook a turkey!  The recipe is on my new recipe page if you would like to try it. 

Turnip Casserole ready for the oven.
Our niece and her family are in town today, as her eldest son is playing in a hockey tournament at noon.  We'll be off to the rink to cheer for his team! 
Then back home for a bit more prep for the dinner tomorrow. 

We're having friends over, as they were not cooking their own special dinner this year - they are out of town attending a wedding, and returning on Sunday.  They are hoping to do their vegetable garden clean-up on Monday, so I thought they'd enjoy a home cooked meal on their return Sunday.
The little turkey table decorations were made at my craft group when I lived in Panama City FL.  Found them when we straightened up the "under the stairs" storage cupboard!

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