Tuesday, October 4, 2011


DH and I, along with DS2 and future DIL had a lovely morning attending the quilt show.  It was DIL's first, and she took her job of voting on her favourite three quilts very seriously.  It also gave her a taste of what quilters are doing these days.  DS2 helped to set up and photograph the last Quilts Kingston show, so he was an old hand.
DH was chief photographer, and took pictures of items that caught his eye.  I also bought a photo CD, that included all the quilts.

DH & I had a long talk with the photographer, to see how they produced their CD.  They did all the photography in September, giving every entrant an appointment, to hang and photograph the quilts against a black background, using a tripod and proper lighting.  I'm going to suggest that to our committee, as last time we had to take the pictures while the show was being set up and the quilts hung.  If you have every tried to photograph a whole quilt at a show, you'll know how difficult that can be.....


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