Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 2 Stash Report

Since I am new at this, I decided to only count fabric as used, when the project is finished!  This will also force me to complete things in a timely fashion.  Fabric added was a half-yard of batik for a jacket project (I had already picked the rest of the fabrics, but needed one more).  The used fabric is from the two small projects finished this week - Meadow Breeze and Friends.  Let's hope I can continue to keep ahead of the game!  Check out everyone's progress at Judy's blog.

Used This Week9
Used Year To Date9
Added This Week0.5
Added Year to Date0.5
Net Used 20118.5


  1. You are ahead of the game already. Report my buying and using and completing does help me continue working on a project after it gets to that boring stage.LOL


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