Friday, January 14, 2011

Another Stash Project

Several years ago, I bought 2 panels of cute cats, as a friend wanted a cat quilt.  Unfortunately, she wanted realistic cats, so the panels went into the stash closet.
 There are 6 different designs and 12 squares on each panel.  They aren't quite square, but that's OK.  Unfortunately, I couldn't leave any of the background fabric, as the cut edges were too close to the blocks.
 Then I headed to EQ7, and designed a quilt, using 24 blocks.  I decided to make the centre 4x5 blocks, leaving 4 blocks to use in the corners of the borders.  
I pulled 3 fabrics from my stash to use with the blocks
I'll use the darker green as sashing, and the hot pink as the cornerstones.  Using design software helps to audition fabrics (I just use similar colours), gives rotary cutting instructions, and estimates fabric yardage.

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  1. the fabrics you have there go wonderfully-looking forward to seeing it togethr.


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