Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Project with my Wednesday group

 This year, one of the requests was to make a quilted jacket.  I had seen a fractured bargello jacket, made with a sweatshirt on a TV show, so I hunted down the pattern.  It is by Nanette Weaver and is found here.
We began today by cutting up our sweatshirts, and marking the centre of each piece.  The front is left as one piece until all the strips are sewn, so the front edge matches.
I think that the hardest part of this jacket for most of the quilters, was picking out the fabrics.  11 or 12 fabrics are required, plus an accent fabric. 

The picture shows my choices.  The fabric on the far right is my accent fabric, used for the fracture strips, as well as the sleeve cuffs and the binding on all the edges.  So far, 3 have chosen batiks, and one in black and white prints with red accents.  The rest didn't bring their fabric today.  Those who did, managed to get the strips cut, so will probably have their strip sets together to begin sewing onto the sweatshirt parts next week.  I did play a bit to reorganize the order of their fabrics.  Everyone had placed them in dark to light order, but with this project, I think it looks better if you have 2 different areas of dark to light, or change from one colour to the next. 
My jacket parts have to stay as samples until everyone gets started, so I won't be able to show very much progress.  

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  1. I went to look at the picture of the jacket and it is beautiful. It will be fun to see yours in process and when it's done.


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