Friday, January 29, 2016


I only knit occasionally, but I've made 2 sweaters and 2 winter hats for our 1 year old grandson.  This is sweater number 3 - sized for next winter.  I had finished knitting the pieces a while ago, but since I'm a bit under the weather, and I don't feel like wrestling with the king size quilt,  I prepped the pieces for blocking.

The front and back are identical.  The design is a twist stitch that looks like a small cable.  

It has set in sleeves, and the ribbing at the neckline overlaps at the centre of the shoulders.  

 The sleeves have 3 twist bands as well.

The yarn is from Premier yarns and is called Cotton Fair Multi - 52% cotton and 48% acrylic.  I'm allergic to wool, and this is one of the few yarns that I found that was the correct weight for the pattern, and machine washable - good for little people.

The pattern is from a book called "Beehive for Bairns", which belonged to my mother.  I think she used it to knit for my brothers and for me when I was a baby.  That makes it between 60-75 years old.  

I'm linking up with other knitters at Judy's blog, Patchwork Times.


  1. What a nice sweater! I am sure it will get lots of wear.

  2. What a pretty pattern on your sweater. He's one lucky little guy.


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