Sunday, January 10, 2016


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No changes for me yet, but DH and I just returned from the clubhouse.  We used the dance floor to lay out all the parts for the king size storm at sea quilt that I'm making for my son and his wife.    There were 81 blocks, 100 cornerstones and 180 pieced sashings.  I used a variety of fabrics, so we placed them according to a plan, then started shifting pieces around, to try to prevent too many of the same fabrics coming close to one another.    We finally decided to just let the pieces be where they were placed, as we could have spent a year rearranging blocks!
I have all the border pieces cut, but I do have one pieced border that I'll have to make, as well as binding.  I'm hoping to get this huge quilt machine quilted before the weather becomes too warm and humid again.  Since I'm doing this on my home machine, and not on a frame, I should have good muscles by the time I man-handle it through the machine a few times!

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  1. One day when I grow up, I want to be like you and tackle a big quilt on my home machine. You are fantastic!


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