Sunday, January 24, 2016


Fabric used this week  0 yards
Fabric used year to date  0 yards
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Net used 2016  0 yards
Still nothing to report!  DH and I headed to the clubhouse after church this morning, and lined up 4 of the long rectangular tables.  We spread out the king size backing, and used large binder clips to hold it taut.  Then came the batting, and finally the quilt top, place carefully.  We were able to baste half at a time, with only the final border on one edge to pin after releasing the clamps.  DH is an expert pin-baster - he follows my lead, and helps with every large quilt.  We worked for about an hour to complete the quilt, only moving and re-clamping the backing once.
After a quick lunch, DH headed out for his band practice.  I headed to the sewing room, and finished sorting some fabric.  One of the ladies in my quilting group had sold her house and is moving north.  She brought over some books and "unwanted fabric" to share with the group.  There was quite a bit left over after everyone had a look, so I brought it home.  She had an elderly neighbour who gave her lots of "good stuff", but it mostly was unusable.  I've saved some larger pieces of fabric, and they will go into the group bag - handy to use to test a new pattern, so not required to report as my personal stash!
Tomorrow the machine quilting commences!  My machine is set up ready to go, 3 bobbins wound and a new needle in place!  Wish me luck - this will be the largest quilt I've done on my home machine....
Check out all the progress at Judy's blog, Patchwork Times.


  1. You can do it!! Roll, roll, roll! Can't wait to hear about your success!


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