Friday, November 7, 2014


Actually, I just cast the stitches off the needles!  This is my favourite baby sweater pattern, from an old Beehive knitting book.
I haven't stitched the sleeve seams yet, and I need to crochet across the bottom up the front, around the neck and down to the start - I left the yarn attached.  It takes 3 small buttons, so I picked up 3 cute blue elephants to finish it.  I've made this pattern many times, in a variety of colours, but this one is special as it is for our first grandchild, due in January!


  1. Hi Susan! Love that sweater pattern too! I just recently found a newer pattern for it, knit in Softee Baby - same beautiful sweater, just fewer stitches! I'm also working on a baby sweater for our first grandchild, due in January!, but I have a lot more knitting to do - but I have a few weeks yet, right?!

  2. Cute pattern! Nicely done, too.

  3. Your baby sweater is so sweet and pretty. Someone will be warm this winter.


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