Saturday, November 8, 2014


After arriving at our southern home, I took my machine into the dealer for its annual check-up and spa treatment.  That gave me time to get my bins of quilt items unpacked and my room set up.  I had to hurry as my machine was ready the next day!

Here's my machine set up in the table that DH modified.
The blue bins hold 2 inch squares to be used as "leaders and enders".  There are 5 cases of thread ready to stitch, and the white plastic drawers hold items that live here permanently, while the black drawers hold items that travel back and forth.  More bins of scrap strips wait for the next project.
The other side of the room has my cutting table, with more storage underneath.  I like to be prepared for whatever inspiration strikes.
Two comfy wicker chairs for visitors, or just to sit and stitch or read...
Just inside the door is a small bookcase with assorted fabric, and bags with fabric sorted for various planned projects.  I keep the fabric covered with an old linen tablecloth that I embroidered when I was a teen.  I have to keep the strong southern sun from fading my fabric.

I have matchstick blinds to help with sun control, but I love having so many windows, and I enjoy working in the natural light and fresh air!

My first winter project is well under way!

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