Saturday, December 1, 2012


I can't figure out where the time has gone - we've been in the sunny south over a month already!  My posts have been few and far between, but I hope to do better.....

Although I finished this quilt last week, I finally got around to taking its picture today.

I chose all the fabrics from my stash before leaving home.  The final border  is an unusual paisley and flower stripe that I always liked, but couldn't find a use for - its been languishing for almost 15 years.
 I stitched my favourite "hooked on feathers" in the light border, using brown variegated trilobal polyester thread.  The same thread was used in the centre of the quilt as well.
The dark green border (it has tiny metallic gold leaves ) was stitched with simple gold leaves, using deep gold cotton thread.
 I stitched small feathers in each of the light parts of the pinwheel blocks in the centre of the quilt.

Although the 16-patch blocks are totally scrappy, I chose fabrics with a flower, leaf or garden theme for the rest, and used the same "light" fabric - a cute print with bees and flowers - throughout the quilt.

Here's the completed "Patches and Pinwheels"


  1. Your quilt looks wonderful!! A great finish!!

  2. It sure is pretty. I love the bright colors in the center surrounded by calmer borders. *Nice* effect!


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