Wednesday, December 19, 2012


We had a smaller than normal turn-out for Wednesday quilting, but with the holidays looming, some have company, some have headed north to spend time with family etc.
There were a couple of people trying to finish those last couple of items before Christmas.  Some came to visit for a while before heading out to run errands.  A couple were anxious to get the next installment of our pattern.  A few even got some sewing done.  We also welcomed 2 new members - they were doing some hand stitching to finish some "quilt as you go" blocks and plan to join in on our group project in January.
My knee is feeling much better.  I even managed to get some sewing done.  I lowered my ironing board, so I can sew and press in a seated position.  I tried cutting while seated, but I am not accurate enough, so I did stand for short periods to trim etc.  Here is a strip set with some of the coloured inset strips in place.  (Pardon the pinkish tinge - taking pictures with artificial light can be tricky!)  
Once all the coloured strips are sewn, then 3 squares are cut from each strip, and 4 of these units makes a block in this pattern.
These were all from the first group of strip sets.  Since I'll be making lots more, I'll wait to mix and match them into blocks after more are completed.  Since I plan on varying the width that the strip sets are cut, Ill get more variation in the blocks.  I'll need 35 of these blocks for my project.
I chose all the coloured fabric from my stash, and began by cutting three strips of each fabric, then mixing them in a bag.  I just pull them at random to insert, then place the leftover ends into another bag.  When I run out of new strips, I'll recycle the used strips to use another one or two times.  It always amazes me how big a difference there is in the width of my fabrics.  I like to pre-wash everything, and as we all know, some fabrics shrink a lot more than others!
I have my knee wrapped again, and I think it is time to put my leg up, and watch something mindless......   

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