Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I had decided to make both version of my guild's BOM project this year, both using fabrics from my stash.  This is version 2 - with a paper pieced centre.  I decided to make this from batiks, choosing neutral, blue, green and plum for my colours.  These 4 blocks will be used in round three, and the other 4 will provide corner blocks for the final round.
Now I have to get back to a couple of projects that have deadlines!

I baked chocolate, chocolate chip, peppermint cookies this morning, and made some Cheddar sausage balls for the pot luck tomorrow.  My group has been keeping me busy with calls, questions, asking me to re-send files that mysteriously disappeared from their computer......

DH picked kumquats from our friend's tree - they are still north and the fruit is dropping on the ground.  He scrubbed the fruit, quartered each one to remove the seeds, and then had a lesson in making microwave jam.  He made a batch on Sunday, then another one today, after picking up more sugar.  He even made enough puree for 2 kumquat pies - everyone's favourite at the Kumquat Festival in Dade City.  We'll keep the puree in the freezer to give to the tree owners when they arrive.  There is still more fruit on the tree that needs to ripen, and hopefully they'll be able to pick more when they arrive in January, - that is if a hard frost doesn't damage the fruit!

Our visiting dog was happily reunited with her family yesterday afternoon.  The house is quiet today, and DH gave it a good vacuum to pick up all the tiny bits tracked in by doggie feet during the past week.   

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