Monday, December 31, 2012


I'm seeing the end of the block assembly strip sets for our Godson's birthday quilt!  This is the second last set!  My bag of coloured strips is ready so I can choose the next colour.
So far, I have 129 quarter block units complete - I need 140 to make the centre of the quilt.  I have kept them in their groups.  The technique to make these has you layer 4 or 5 strip sets - cut them apart, re-layer them, then sew them back together with the colour inserts between each section.  I plan to lay all the groups in piles, then pick sets from different piles to form the blocks.  Since the spacing of the cuts varies, I'm hoping to get a good variety of blocks!

Once I get all these finished, I have to get back to my "Pick a Pinwheel" project.  I like to stay ahead of the group, so I can answer any questions they have about the assembly, and offer some tips to make it easier.

Check out Judy's blog, Patchwork Times, to see what others are working on the last day of 2012! 


  1. Love the scrappiness of your project. Can't wait to see more.

  2. This looks very interesting - can't wait to see the top.


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