Saturday, August 6, 2011


It has been almost a week since I set foot in my sewing room, and I'm having serious withdrawal!  Still  on the comeback trail from whatever nasty bug messed with my system.

I planned to sew today, as DH got the go-ahead from his doctor to resume normal activities (his vision tested 20/20 after his cataract surgery, and he can't wait to get the other eye fixed).  He is off helping a friend install hardwood flooring in the master bedroom today, so I thought I'd head down and play for a while.

Then last night my best friend called, to ask if I'd like to come over this afternoon, after she is finished work, and do some more work on her Christmas presents, so of course, I said yes!
So I guess that will count as sewing, although just not mine!

DH and I took a trip to Watertown NY yesterday, did some shopping, had lunch out, etc.  They have a new Joann's opened since we were through in the spring, so I thought I'd browse a bit.  I found the new store bright and airy, but it seemed to be missing some of the essentials that I have come to look for at Joann's.  Checked out their Christmas fabrics, but found them expensive, and they didn't seem to be as good a quality as I'm used to......  Now I can't wait until we head south for the winter, so I can do some online shopping at some of my favourites.  Some sites don't ship to Canada, and I dislike dealing with the customs brokers, who add their fee to the usual customs fees and taxes.  Oh well, I guess this helps to keep my stash from growing even more than it has over the past few years!  

DH just applied for our medical insurance coverage for the winter months, so I guess I should begin rounding up some projects to take south - have to keep using stash whenever possible!

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