Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I finished the tote bag, made from the section removed from the quilt.  I was fortunate to find some of the dark green fabric - just enough to make the handles.
 I fused a double layer of "Peltex" to make a firm bottom, and covered it with a pink print.  I slip-stitched the ends inside the bag.  I decided that it would be too tall with all the "borders" exposed, so I decided to turn the large pink border inside, to form a facing.  I machine stitched the edge, then slip-stitched it to the inside of the bag.  The handles were top-stitched, with lots of reinforcing to hold them secure.
I still had 12 blocks remaining in a long strip, 2 blocks wide.  I decided to take it apart to make the centre of a baby quilt.
(Sorry for the slightly blurry picture!)  I covered the seam in the back with a folded strip of the fabric planned for a border, and stitched it down by hand, after inserting a small piece of batting.  The batting will be held in place when I re-quilt in the ditch, as well as along some of the shapes.  I had to remove some stitching so that I had access to the seam allowance to sew it together.
 I found this pink and brown print in my stash, along with a green that had the right tones for the quilt.  I plan to use the same green for binding.  Now I have to add backing and batting the perimeter of the quilt - a little tricky, but not impossible!


  1. Oh, those both turned out so nice! And they have applique! Please post a link to this tomorrow at Applique Thursday( , so you can share what lovely things can be made even from left over applique blocks.

    It's so nice to save others' work.

  2. Oh my Gosh! Those are just too cute. I love the tote bag. It turned out great. And, that baby quilt! What baby wouldn't love it? It looks so cozy. You are so lucky to be able to re-purpose that quilt. Great Job!!
    Superior Threads

  3. I love the bag. The baby quilt is going to be gorgeous when all done. Hugs Ariane


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