Friday, August 19, 2011


I've been basting another large quilt.  My table is small, so I do it in sections, with DH helping to roll it up and move - it gets quite heavy.  My table is placed up against a wall - that is why I roll the already pinned parts.
 Last night I baked the three layers of the carrot cake I'm making for the August birthdays.  I have to make the orange cream cheese frosting to finish it off.  I picked up a cake carrier and I'll use it to transport the cake, then it will be part of DS2's birthday gift - he loves to bake, and is often transporting a cake etc. to share with friends and family.
My last job is to make the pasta and chick pea salad with broccoli and tomatoes (I'll be using lots of grape tomatoes from my prolific plant!)
I was reminded to take along some of the leftover apron fabric so future DIL can add pockets.  I'll add a new apron to the Christmas list - one with pockets!

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