Monday, August 8, 2011


I didn't manage to get to my sewing room for the past week while I was recuperating, but I did find some leftover yarn, so I made some mitts of various sizes.
 Since I wanted  to get back to sewing a bit yesterday, I decided to attack some items that had been hanging around the room for a long time.  Several years ago, I made a Christmas tree skirt for someone, from a pre-quilted panel.  There were stockings printed in the corners, but she didn't want them.  I had cut the stockings out and stitched them, and all they needed was a lining and a ribbon for hanging.
 10 minutes of work and the stockings are ready to donate to my guild's boutique at the next show.
Many years ago, my SIL's friend asked me to make a quilt for her Mother.  They chose the pattern and the colours, and I made a quilt to fit her double bed.  Several years later, her Mother had to move into a nursing home, and wanted to take her too large quilt with her.  It was returned to me, and I removed two rows of blocks the length of the quilt, and stitched it back together again.
These two rows, with border on each end, had been residing in my sewing room, taunting me to do something with them.  Last night I sat and removed the stitching and cut the two ends off, and I plan to re-purpose it as a tote bag.  I still have 12 blocks to play with.....
When I removed them from the quilt, they lost a bit of batting and backing, so I'll have to think of a work-around......
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  1. I really like how you can repurpose bits and pieces. That is such a wonderful skill!

  2. Beautiful blocks--what a lot of work you did to remake the quilt for the next bed! Hope you enjoy them stitched into a bag. Good luck on solving the batting problem!


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