Monday, August 22, 2011


I'm still pin-basting the monster quilt, but I did do a bit of sewing this week.  
 The piece on the left is made from the corner cut-offs from the Autumn Basket quilt.  Still trying to work out borders, and I want to incorporate some of the autumn leaf print as well.
On the right is two 60 degree placemats and a hexagon piece that will be a hot pad to match.  I'm sure many of you recognize this fabric.  I only had a small piece in my stash, and decided that it was time to use it!
Check out everyone else's progress this week, at Judy's blog.


  1. Every time I see quilted placemats I kick myself for not thinking about making some for our house! It's such a great, small, easy project. I'm going to go in and make some right now. Thanks for the lovely inspiration!

  2. I am lovin the hot pad. Too cute.

  3. I really like making 60degree triangles and yours look wonderful. I love that fabric!!


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