Thursday, March 10, 2011

No Sewing Until the Rain Stops

We've been having some much-needed rain here in Central Florida.  It began last night and it is still raining.  Since my sewing room is located under the carport roof (metal), working on a rainy day is like sewing inside a bass drum!  I guess I'll have to find some other things to do today!
 My room is no where as neat as this picture - I have three quilts that I am trying to finish so I can baste and quilt them before heading north.  Luckily only one is queen size, so I hope to finish them before I have to clear the room for garden railway storage!


  1. Wow, I bet than can be a cacophony of noise as the rain hits the metal roof.

  2. Hope it quits raining so you can sew, we have skylights that are really noisy when it rains.


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