Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I took the 2 smaller quilts to the clubhouse to pin-baste.  The first one went well until we had to re-position it on the table, then discovered that the backing fabric was 3 inches too short along one side!
The backing came from a bolt I had bought some time ago.  I cut the pieces much larger than required, stitched them together , then washed and dried, followed by a good press.  I can't believe how much shrinking occurred!  Fortunately, 2 widths of fabric was more than needed, so I'll be able to cut off the extra and stitch it along the side.
The second smaller quilt was laid on the table, and this time the batting piece was too short!  According to the package size, there should have been enough to provide batting for both quilts!
So this morning I'll be adding backing to one, and piecing batting for the other, then I'll be finishing the pin-basting instead of quilting!!!!!


  1. I feel for you, Susan — I've had similar experiences, and it's truly frustrating.


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