Saturday, March 5, 2011

Kaleidoscope Pinwheels

Here is the fabric.......
 And here are the rest of the blocks.......

 Now I guess I have to get on with the next steps - sashing and cornerstones.


  1. Thanks for showing the original fabric first. I have always loved the look of these but this gives me a better idea of the type of fabric needed for that dramatic effect.

  2. Every block is more beautiful than the others. A fantastic fabric choise. I also learned the technique from Bethany, years ago. I made many kaleidoscope quilts but I am still inlove with thi technique. I will come back here to see your quilt.

  3. They're gorgeous, Susan! It's such fun to try to find the parts of the original fabric that make up each block. :)

  4. Each block is so stunning. Great job!


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