Monday, February 14, 2011

Working on Tossed Fruit Salad

This is the second set of 4 blocks.  I decided to use this set for the runner.
 I had to make half hexagons, using 2 light and one dark triangle for the placemat blocks.  Half had the dark triangle on the left and half on the right.  I then had to add a "half-triangle" piece to form the square corners.  To fill in the sides, I stitched two "half-triangle pieces together to make a fill-in piece.
 Here is the first stitched block.  I don't usually use many pins, but I used them to attempt to match the seams when stitching these blocks.  Now I have to figure out what and how many borders I want to add to make each placemat.
I was surprised at how much I managed to finish, as I finally caught DH's cold, and have been working in a fog all day.  I tried to have a nap, but my eyes wouldn't close, so back to some more sewing.  DH is feeling better, so he's making dinner tonight.


  1. Feel better fast, Susan! Your table runner and placemats are going to be beautiful. :)

  2. hope you feel better soon-I've been like that before, try to rest but can't so might as well do something I love.

  3. Very cool! Your piecing is beautiful & the greens add just the right touch!


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