Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Plumbing update

The plumber finally returned about 4:30, with DH following at 5.  DH supervised the repair, but it still isn't done correctly, but the leak is stopped and the plumber will be back on Thursday.
We have water again, but the hot water pressure in the tub is very weak, so everything has to be taken apart again and checked to see what is happening to cause the problem.
DH used the shop vac to get another gallon or so of water out of the rug, and we have a bit of damp in the bottom of our closet as well.  The drywall is soggy, but we think it will dry just fine.
DH was wondering all day - why he chose to do the repair right away.  It was one drip about every 3 hours, and could have waited until he was home to supervise.
He's headed out to get me a re-supply of cold meds this morning, and I have to get all my stuff packed for a day of quilting with my group.  We meet from 11-3.  At 1, I am doing a demo on "back basting" for non-template hand applique.  There are a few who will try.  It means more stuff to pack!  Still have some working on their sweatshirt jackets, as well as various other projects.
Off to pack......

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  1. What a tale! Glad DH can now deal with the problem and that the damage is not catastrophic. Have fun at your quilt meeting. Nothing like meeting with fellow quilters to get your mind of things.


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