Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Great plans....

I was feeling better this morning, and DH was planning to play golf, so I figured I'd get lots of sewing done.   NOT!
DH was fiddling with the faucets in the tub this morning, complaining about a drip (that I never heard).  Called the plumber, and he came right over - just as DH was leaving.
He was back and forth, getting parts, and there was lots of noise coming from the bathroom.  Finally he turns the water back on to test the connections, and says everything is fine.  I paid him, and he left.  I headed out to sew, and about 15 minutes later I decided to check some measurements for my project with EQ.  As I head into the house, I can hear water running.  
The bathroom floor is flooded, and I can hear water gushing from somewhere inside the wall.  I tried to turn the water off, and also the the tap to the water heater, but the water is still running.
Next step is to call the plumber and leave a message.  More mopping.  The bedroom rug is becoming wet, so I get out the rug shampooer to suck up the water.  Call a neighbour, who shuts the water off at the main, so at least the water is not flowing.  Still haven't heard from the plumber.  I finally got the floor mopped up - 4 buckets and lots of wet towels later.  I have also emptied the rug shampooer at least 3 times.
The plumber left a mess behind when he was finished, and tracked bits through the house, but I was planning on leaving that for DH to tidy up.  Now he'll have a lot more to deal with.  The access to the plumbing is behind a heavy armoire, and I can't  pull it out, so I don't know what condition the wall is in........
The moral of this story - no more repairs unless DH is going to be around!  He's still not home from golf, and I'm feeling shaky and feverish, and mad.
Wish I could start this day all over again!

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  1. oh, poor thing! What a mess. Hope the plumber responds and takes responsibility for the damage!


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