Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday already!

 These birds visit our yard from time to time.......

Between two days of company, and my Wednesday quilting group, very little has been accomplished this week!
I still have 4 repeats of the fruit fabric remaining, and some of the light green and purple fabric, but I only had about a 3 inch strip of the darker green remaining.  Finally found some at a shop on Monday, so I plan on using up every bit of the fruit fabric before heading home in April!
I've also been keeping up with "Raggedy and Friends" offered at The Painted Quilt, but Kaaren gave out the patterns for the final 3 blocks a couple of days ago, so of course, I decided to finish them as well.  I have all the pieces cut, and a few assembled, and I have marked the redwork designs on the 6 small blocks, but they too are calling.
With the end of February, the snowbirds in my quilting group have begun counting how many weeks we have left, and a bit of panic has set in.  On Wednesday, everyone was very productive, and I was kept busy running from table to table answering questions and solving problems!
Tomorrow morning, a good friend who is visiting in the area, will be picking me up at 8:30 so we can get the the Tampa quilt show early.  Another friend of hers is joining us there.  DH and my friend's husband have a tee time, so they will be busy too.  DH and I just discussed dinner plans, and have decided on a beef broccoli stir fry.  I can marinate the beef overnight, and even cut up some of the veggies, then it will just be a matter of cooking some rice, and whipping up the stir fry - a quick dinner after a busy day.  I still have some cheesecake brownies leftover from our recent visitors, so dinner should be quick and easy.
Off to the sewing room (and a bit of laundry thrown in!)

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