Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sometimes plans fall apart

I had great plans for yesterday - Sunday had been taken up with Superbowl prep and party, so I was anxious to get back to quilting.

DH woke up with one of his very rare colds, so off we went to pick up some cold medication and a few groceries.  When we returned home, a neighbour had called, asking for some quilting help.  I got DH settled, wrapped in a quilt, with juice and his first dose of meds, then headed over to help the quilter.  

She doesn't attend my group, but a friend had helped her start a quilt last winter, and she needed help finishing.  It is scrappy - not her normal project, and she was having difficulty dealing with so many different fabrics.  She was unsure of what to use for sashing and borders, so we tried several fabrics from her stashHer friend had always helped her decide how to make the borders, and she seemed totally confused about the whole thing. 

I came home a quickly drew the design in EQ7, so I could get an estimate of how much fabric she needs for the sashing, cornerstones, and two borders.  I tried calling her with the info, but had to leave a message - people are really busy here with many activities and outings with friends.   I'll try again today.

The rest of my day was spent coddling DH with soup, juice and snacks.  He seems to feel a bit better this morning, but time will tell as the day wears on.  Hopefully I can get back to my quilting today.  

At least we have lots of desserts leftover from Sunday - I made butter tarts, a home favourite, and a new recipe for cheesecake brownies.  I also made a pot of calico beans and a pan of cornbread.  We had enough food for three times as many people, so lots of leftovers.  We already ate the pineapple upside down cake that we brought home!

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