Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My House is a disaster!

The living room and kitchen are intact, but the rest is torn up.  The underpad was full of water, and the wet was slowly wicking across the room and up the walls, so DH has pulled back the carpet from the end of our bedroom, the closet and the linen cupboard and removed the underpad.  The carpet is laying on every plastic thing we own, with the fan blowing underneath, to attempt to dry the floor and the carpet.  Since mold and mildew are rampant in the south, we have to get things dry before we can attempt to make repairs.
Our spare room is full of closet and linen closet contents, and our large dresser is in the tiny hall.  If you turn sideways, you can get through to the bedroom and bathroom.  If we had planned to do work, everything would have been moved in an orderly fashion, but water doesn't wait for anyone.

On the up side, quilting went well.  Quite a few tried "back basting".  A few loved it and plan to make an applique project soon, and others will stick to fusible applique with machine stitching.  Two quilts were pin-basted, another person began her bargello jacket, and various other projects were being worked on at the same time.

The plumber returns tomorrow, and I think I'll spend the day sewing.....

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  1. Ohhhhh, I feel for you. Hide in your sewing room for at least a week!


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