Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who Decided on an Appliqued Border?

I finally finished preparing all the applique pieces... First tracing the shapes onto the applique stabilizer, then spending an entire evening cutting out all the shapes.  Then I glued the stabilizer shapes onto the back of the fabric, using a washable school glue.  Back to the scissors and cutting out all the pieces, leaving a seam allowance on each.  Then I spent 2 days with a glue stick, turning the edges to the back...I think I managed to get all the glue residue off my fingers!
I finally started stitching the scalloped swags by machine, using a tiny blanket stitch, with invisible (monofilament) thread in the needle, and "bottom line" thread in the bobbin.  I use an open-toe embroidery foot on the sewing machine so I have better visibility and I stitch very slowly.....


  1. Sometimes the most beautiful work takes the longest. :-)

  2. Your fabrics are so gorgeous!


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