Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Tisket A Tasket Block 11

I managed to get block 11 finished.   I love choosing the fabrics from my stash.  I cut each shape from water soluble stabilizer, then spent some time with a glue stick, gluing all the seam allowances to the back of the stabilizer.  I then used some washable school glue to attach each piece to the background fabric.  I used invisible (mono-filament) thread and a very small machine  blanket stitch to attach each part of the applique.  When I began this project, I challenged myself to do all the embroidery stitches by machine as well.  For the lines, I use a triple stitch, and then found shapes for eyes, etc.  I had to play with the length and width of the stitches until I found a setting that was correct for each of my choices.  I even sewed the button on by machine!
I haven't been getting as much sewing done this week as I've been  suffering with back pain.  It started to bother me about a week ago, but it has suddenly become worse, so I'm waiting to hear from my doctor's office about an appointment....


  1. You've done a really lovely job. This block is so pretty! I'd love to see a close up shot of each block.

  2. What is water soluble foundation? Is it just regular water soluble stabilizer? What brand do you use?



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