Wednesday, November 2, 2016


With lots of help from DH, my southern sewing room is ready to go!  Since I sew in an attached sunroom, the first job is to sweep the floors, and unload all the items stored there over the summer.  Then DH washes all the walls and the ceiling fan, then removes the windows and washes the frames.  They get really dusty over the summer months.  I start cleaning the windows and put them back into the frames, then we wash all the tables and finally the floor.

I've decided to keep the fabric in our spare room dresser this year - we had lots of humidity last year, and it was difficult to work with.
I'll keep my bins of strips handy, and bring out fabric as needed.

My job this morning was to serge the cut edges of the new fabric that I picked up on the trip south, and it is in the washer.  I pre-wash all my fabrics with regular detergent and a colour catcher, adding vinegar to the rinse.  I've had problems with colours running and fabrics shrinking in the past, and lots of my quilts are donated, and I want them to survive whatever treatment they get during their usable life. 

A place to sit and hand stitch or visit with a friend.
My cutting table with rulers and templates (in the binder) at the ready.
Sewing machine ready to go.  I love my mesh chair - my room has no air conditioning, but a ceiling fan to keep my cool on hotter days.  The blue bins hold 2 inch squares ready for "leaders and enders" while I sew.  A variety of thread is stored in the containers under the table.
Drawers full of assorted tools and thread.  The container on the right has 1 1/2 inch strips, while the one on the left holds 2 1/2 inch strips and 5 inch squares, ready for my scrap projects.
White or off-white leftover strips are in the box with the blue edge, while the others hold light and dark 2 inch strips.

A box of patterns, when I get the urge to sew clothing, and a shoe box full of pre-cut pieces that was a garage sale find by a friend.  I also have 2 irons in cases that travel to our weekly quilting meet-up each Wednesday.

This is the cleanest and tidiest that the area will be until it is packed up for the trip north in the spring!

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