Thursday, November 10, 2016


I took my machine in for its annual "spa treatment" on Tuesday.  My sewing room looks so lonely without it!  I can't wait for the phone call to tell me I can pick her up.....

Since I can't sew, I've been preparing some baby quilt tops and backings, and pin-basted one this morning.  I thought I had lots of batting, but after a search, I discovered that I only have leftover pieces!  I just ordered some more, but I think I'll check out all the bags and see if I can hand stitch some together - at least it will feel like progress!

My southern quilting group begins its weekly get-togethers next Wednesday, so I took some time to organize my binder of "stuff" so I'll be prepared for the first week.  People are slowly arriving.  I think many waited until after the election, or are waiting until Thanksgiving.

Yesterday we had a visit from a cousin who was only south for 4 days, to visit us and his sister.  He plays a mean guitar, so DH and our northern friend played most of the afternoon.  I called and invited our friend's wife for dinner, so they could keep playing!  It was great to visit and listen to the music, even if it was only for a short time.

Off to hunt for batting pieces!

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