Saturday, September 10, 2016


I spent Thursday at a workshop that was sponsored by my quilt guild.  We learned how to make prints from leaves, using a product called "Colour Vie", a water based pigment system.

Our instructor for the day was Beth Cameron of Manotick ON.

She provided containers of already mixed pigments, and showed us how to paint the colours onto the back of the leaves, and then print it onto prepared fabric.  I used some white PFD cotton, and each participant had to bring some    1 inch foam brushes, paper towels, etc.  We all collected fresh leaves, and there was a large variety to choose from.
We were a very busy group - I have never spent time with quilters with so little conversation!  By the end of the day, everyone had lots of printed pieces.  

These were my test sample pieces, and I think I'm going to use them in a small wall hanging.  

A pattern for a quilt was provided as well, so the rest of my pieces will be used for that, but I have to find the perfect fabric to coordinate with the prints that I made.

I started out using very little pigment, and I like the lacy look that it provided.  Some of the others used lots more than I did, and their prints were very bold. 

 Some used just one set of colours.  My table partner made all her blocks in a yellow to orange blend, and another made all hers in dark blues and teals.  I hope to see their finished projects some time in the future.


  1. They're beautiful, Susan! I like the lacy look you used.


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