Saturday, September 3, 2016


I delivered five quilts to my community quilts coordinator late Thursday afternoon, and also her quilt that she made for her granddaughter.  When I returned home, I cleaned up my sewing room and gave my sewing machine a spa treatment - new needle, oiling the places that need it and cleaning all the lint.  I even gave the table attachment a good wash, and rinsed the back of my "Supreme Slider" to remove lint and give it a better stick for the next time I use it.

Friday morning, I realized that I needed to get my placemats completed for next week's guild meeting, so I gave them each a good press, and pressed the backing fabric, then cut the backs and the Thermore batting that I like to use in placemats. 
The pattern I used is "Take Four"
I pinned all the layers together, then stitched around, leaving an opening to turn.
(These placemats do not have binding).  I top-stitched 1/8th inch around the perimeter of each, then quilted them lightly with a variegated thread.

Hopefully, they will cheer up the tables of local "Meals on Wheels" recipients.

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