Sunday, July 29, 2012


Used this week  7.75 yards
Used year to date  133.625 yards
Added this week  0 yards
Added year to date  108.875 yards
Net Used 2012  24.75 yards
 I finished my southwest tree of life quilt this week, and then I made a set of quick and easy placemats.  One of my Florida quilt group brought the "non-pattern" placemats to the group and suddenly there were placemats springing up all over.  I haven't taken pictures of the placemats, but the southwest quilt is in my "quilts 2012 page.

The hot, humid weather has been taking its toll.  All the grass in the area is brown, and the farmers' crops are withering!  We have central air conditioning, but it always seems to be several degrees warmer in the top floor where the bedrooms are located.  I'm the type that doesn't sleep well - I love it cool, so with our long spell of hot, humid weather, I'm getting more and more tired!

Of course, when we went shopping yesterday, they had some yellow beans, so I had to buy enough to make bean mustard pickle - more later.  They also had baskets of prune plums, so later today I'll be making some plum jam.  The local peaches from the Niagara region of Ontario are also in season, so there is a basket of peaches on the counter, just calling my name.  Looks like I won't be getting much sewing done today!

A friend gave me half of a large, overgrown zucchini, so I cut out all the seeds, until I hit firm flesh, then made some zucchini bread yesterday.  2 loaves of pineapple zucchini and one of lemon zucchini.  Can't wait to taste them - I like to let quick breads sit a day for the flavours to blend......

Back to quilting - check out Judy's blog to see everyone's results this week.

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  1. Would you share your recipes for zucchini quickbreads (pineapple & lemon)? They sound good.


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