Monday, July 9, 2012


I have two items on the go this Monday.  I finished the appliqued border on the Southwest tree of life quilt.
 I love the look of the wavy border, and had planned to use the same fabric for binding.  Thought it needed something else, so I decided to add some piping between the border and binding.  After auditioning many fabrics, with DH sharing his opinion, I've decided to use this gold-orange-reddish swirl fabric to add a visual break.

 I spent yesterday afternoon, between baking desserts and doing laundry, piecing the backing for my "half log cabin blues" quilt.  The backing is clamped to the table, layered with batting, then the top, ready to be pin basted today.  I miss the large tables that are available when I'm in Florida.  At home, I have my smallish cutting table, and with a larger quilt (this one is 71x83"), I have to get DH to help when I need to reposition it to baste the next section.  I am very careful to check for ripples etc., on the back when I have to move to the next area.  I'm thinking that feathers travelling along the wavy lines might look good - I'll have time to decide while I'm pin-basting!

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  1. Oh, yeah! That orangish piping line adds a really terrific pop there. Amazing how such a tiny addition can change the overall effect.

  2. Love both of your projects. The little orange piping does the trick. Love the colors.

  3. Your border fabric is fantastic and the orange is perfect.

  4. That border is gorgeous and you made a good call adding the orange piping. I've resorted to using the floor to baste, and if I bribe them I can get my kids to do it - I'm so nervous about doing it at a table.


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