Sunday, April 17, 2011


Once again, nothing used and nothing added.

I had fun at the workshop today, although only 6 of 8 made it out to the farm in the rain.  Our hostess has turned the whole upstairs into a quilt studio, with tons of room for everyone to work.  She has an old pool table in the center of one of the huge rooms, and has covered it with parts from an old ping pong table. It makes a great place to pin-baste quilts. 
I took 5 of the quilts that I finished this winter to donate, and helped to pin them up for their picture.  Then I began machine quilting the first quilt that was pin-basted.  Things were going well, and then my machine made a strange sound and the tension went awry.  I tried everything I could, re-threaded, changed the needle, and then it would sew a bit, but was making a strange clicking noise.  I guess it goes into the machine doctor on Monday.
I brought that quilt home to finish, along with a couple of panels that were pin-basted as well.  No one likes to quilt the panels, so I've offered.  I'm sure they'll have a few more ready when I return these!
Two participants, stitched binding, and labels on the finished quilts.  We shared a great pot luck lunch - these ladies are all good cooks!
I hope everyone else had a more productive week!  Check it out at Judy's blog.


  1. Sounds like you had a good day in spite of the machine problems. Hope that your machine is an easy fix.

  2. Machine problems are the worst! Hope it's back home soon!


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