Saturday, April 30, 2011


Now that all the hourglass pieces are finished, its time to move on to the "log cabin-like" parts.  When adding a strip to a pieced block, I always try to place the strip, right side up, on the machine, then add the pieced part on top.  This allows you to check on the orientation of the seam allowances as you sew.
Half of the hourglass parts have a 2 inch strip added first, and the other half have a 1 1/2 inch strip added first.  This can be done assembly line fashion, then press the seam away from the hourglass.  The first strip is added to the "light" side of each hourglass.
Continue on, adding a second strip of the same size, on the right side of the block, making sure that the previous strip is facing you.....
Continue on, adding the second size to each block.
Now comes the fun of stitching the block together.  It is just a large 4-patch at this point.  The hourglass pieces are turned to the centre of the block, and there are two of each block to form the complex block.
When piecing the block, make sure that the hourglass parts match carefully, but you can see that the strips are off-set, so you only need to match at the outside edge.  Now I'm off to play with all my block parts, trying to make interesting finished blocks, with no repeated fabrics .
My sewing time has been limited, as I twisted my back yesterday morning, and can only sit and sew for a short time.  I have been reading and knitting a baby sweater, so it is not time wasted!  I've also been able to watch some of the world championship figure skating, although with the competition of the Royal wedding, the election campaign in Canada, and the NHL finals, it has been hit and miss on the skating coverage!

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