Sunday, April 3, 2011


Nothing used, nothing added.  What a week....

Used this week  0 yds
Used year to date 86.05 yds
Added this week  0 yds
Added year to date 32.375 yds
Net used 2011   53.675 yds

I cooked and baked all day Sunday and Monday, Tuesday at Disney World with our Godson, Liam, and his family, Wednesday quilting group until 3, then BBQ with friends, including a late night jam session (DH plays the guitar). Thursday - recuperating, and a bit of hand sewing, Friday back to Disney World from 8am until 11pm!
Saturday I managed to finish preparing the applique pieces for block 12 of Baltimore Bliss, and a bit of packing my sewing room.  I already have a project partly done that will be completed in the fall on our return.
Another quilter from my group left a quilt shop gift certificate for me, but I've decided to use it next fall, when I'm sure I'll be looking for that special fabric to finish a project or two!  Our van will be riding on the rims if I add anything more to the packing list! 
Check out everyone else's progress at Judy's blog.


  1. Nothing in can be construed as progress! So congrats on a break even week!

  2. Oh my...I am amazed you got anything done with a full schedule like that...but then a little hand sewing was probably exactly what you needed to relax. Hope your next week is filled with sewing time.

  3. Your week sounded incredibly busy but fun!

  4. Sounds like you had a grand time at Disney, and even got some stitching in! Way to go!


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