Thursday, April 14, 2011


A few days without needle and thread, and I go into withdrawal.  I sat and wrapped some selvedge edges around a hank of clothesline cord while vegging in front of the TV, too tired to do anything else.  Today, I managed to squeeze in a few minutes at the sewing machine to make a coiled basket as part of a house-warming gift to DS2 and his girlfriend when they move in together, sometime in July.
 These are selvedge edges from fabric that I bought in Nov/Dec last year, to complete some projects.  I always remove the selvedge after washing my fabric and then press it lightly before folding for storage.  I crochet "rag rugs" with the strips, and use them for these baskets.  I figure that I paid as much for the selvedge as I did for the rest of the fabric, so why not make use of it all!
I have no idea how much fabric it takes to make one of these, so I guess it doesn't count against my stash.......
Once I get organized for the Community Quilts workshop on Saturday, I'll have to get my pinwheel Stack n Whack quilt out to finish the quilting.  I may also do a bit of piecing on another project as well, since I have room to set up both machines and can switch between them when I want.  Now I just have to get some audio books from the library to listen to while I work!

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  1. I LOVE that heart shaped basket.....will you share your pattern or at least, it's source?


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