Thursday, April 28, 2011


A while ago, I read Bonnie's blog about her latest scrap block pattern, called "Happy Hour" in Quiltmaker magazine.  It interested me, as it is made from 2 inch and 1 1/2 inch strips, and I thought it would make a dent in my scrap bins.
I spent some time and drew the block in EQ7, then planned a quilt, complete with borders.  The red and white border will be scrappy as well, made from my "leader and ender" squares, sewn into 4-patch blocks.  Not sure what colour I'll use for the sashing, cornerstones and borders - it depends on how much fabric is available in my stash - no buying more fabric!
 I used the EZ Quilting "Companion Angle" ruler to cut the hourglass pieces from 2 inch strips.  I layered a light fabric on top of a dark, right sides together and cut 2 triangles.  When you have finished putting the hourglass together, it has straight of grain on all four sides - you do have to be careful pressing the seams as you go - I finger press until the hourglass is complete.
I began by stitching all the triangles into pairs, making sure that the darker fabric was on top, and the square corner was entering the machine first (less chance of the points being eaten by the machine).  I do use a straight stitch plate on my machine when I am piecing.  I like to do assembly line sewing, so I stitched all the pairs of triangles first.
Next, I cut the matching pieces apart, and finger pressed the seams, toward the dark fabric, along the long straight edge.
I placed the pieces, right sides together, with the dark triangle on top, and the seams nestled together, then stitched along the long edge.
I then prepared the block for pressing, by opening up the tiny seam allowance at the centre of the block, and spinning the seam allowances...easier to show than describe.
Off to the ironing board to press the seams.  I press from the right side, using a hot, dry iron.  Now to finish the other 47 hourglass parts!


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  1. look at how fast that's going..I love chain piecing and would hate to sew (especially triangle units) with out the single stitch plate.


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