Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snow Picture

With all the talk of record snowfalls, I dug out an old photo (1972) of DH and our eldest son.
 I took this picture from the parking lot of our apartment building.  The dark line is the railing around the lot, and DH is standing on top of the snow accumulation.  They had to use front end loaders and dump trucks to remove the snow, as they could not push or blow it anywhere!  We lived in Foymount ON and were not considered to be in the "snow belt" (where large amounts of snow fell regularly).  Having grown up in Toronto, where most winters enjoy a freeze/thaw cycle so the snow doesn't pile up- my new home was a shock!
From there, we were stationed at Moosonee ON, on the bottom end of Hudson Bay,  where the most snow fell in late fall and early spring, because for most of the winter, it was too cold to snow  
I guess this explains why I like to spend winter in Florida!

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